CEMiTool (Co-Expression Modules identification Tool) is a systems biology method that easily identifies co-expression gene modules in a fully automated manner.In addition to that, it also performs comprehensive modular analyses, such as: plotting the expression profile of individual genes on each module; determining the expression activity of modules in a group of samples; performing functional enrichment analysis of modules; and integrating co-expression results with protein-protein interaction data.


CEMiTool identifies co-expression gene modules in your Expression dataset.

Sample Phenotypes

This optional dataset allows CEMiTool to measure the activity of gene modules in different experimental conditions.

Functional Enrichment Analysis

Providing the gene sets, CEMiTool will perform functional enrichment analysis of modules. This may also be performed for custom gene sets.

Interaction Networks

If a custom interaction dataset is provided, CEMiTool will integrate it with the co-expression interactions, creating networks and identifying hub genes.